"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay

Our values

We see ourselves as an innovative engineering company and love to create the best and most sustainable solution in the project business together with our customers. In addition to our core business, we provide development aid worldwide and help those who have no access to clean drinking water and energy. In cooperation with numerous schools in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein we have planned and implemented development aid together with pupils!


We are a family owned business, which has been shaping the market for over 35 years with its own technology and innovations in the areas of high-voltage control, corrosion protection and the solar industry! We develop and manufacture electronic protection rectifiers for electrochemical corrosion protection and decoupling devices to protect people and equipment on pipeline systems from excessive contact voltages and corrosion. In addition, we prepare expert report for pipelines affected by high voltage.

Our team

We are very proud to have the third generation of the family on board and are constantly expanding our team!

Project manager
Manel Callau Lopez
+49 4103 9123914
Business development & process management
Frederic Korupp
+49 4103 9123918

Our quality certificates

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