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We are a family business, which has been shaping the market for over 36 years with its own technology and innovations in the areas of high voltage control, corrosion protection and the solar industry! We develop and manufacture rectifiers for electrochemical corrosion protection and decoupling devices to protect persons and equipment on pipelines from excessive contact voltages and corrosion. In addition, we prepare expert opinions for pipelines affected by high voltage.

years of innovation Made in Germany

km of protected pipelines

different countries

  • Protection against contact voltage

  • Protection against corrosion

  • Expert opinions, service & measurements

  • Solar off-grid solutions

Solutions for high voltage affected pipelines

We offer you protection against critical contact voltages on pipelines as a result of short-term and long-term influences and AWE interference from high-voltage overhead lines as well as traction power and traction current lines.

We are committed worldwide

Our energy-autonomous systems are designed for a long service life and tested under extreme environmental conditions - worldwide!

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